Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Everyone's Irish on 17 March

Kia ora

St Patrick's Day is the National Day of Ireland and is said to honour the patron saint of that country.

St Patrick, born circa 385AD, died 17 March 461AD and this same day has been celebrated every year since, as a day for the Irish and those of Irish descent to wear the green and/or to eat Irish food and drink Guinness, Irish Whiskey or Bailey's Irish Cream on St Patrick's Day. Some might enjoy the lot.

A tale abounds that St Patrick used the three leaf shamrock to explain the Trinity. I have used the three leaf white clover, trifolium, that I found in my garden, on this desktop. The shamrock is thought to be a young clover.

I love clover, and remember searching for the pink flowered clovers to suck the honey. It is a long time since I have done that.

You can find a zip file with three sizes of desktop here.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you.

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