Saturday, 31 January 2009

Magpie at the Vat-t-can, Milburn

Kia ora

I have a new friend. This time, a young magpie who lives at the Vat-t-can in Milburn. She found a piece of black plastic, long and thin, and must have thought this was a worm because she would roll over trying to get this 'thing' into her beak. In the photograph above, she was squawking to me because she was hungry, wanting some mince, she is hand fed although has the run of a garden with lots of vegetables in it, and, I'd guess, a few meaty worms.

I have used a mask by Ginny Hopping of Bunny's Attic, although her site is now hosted by PSPMadeEZ.

I hope you enjoy my new friend.

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