Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Beauty of a Winter Rose

Kia ora

A Winter Rose, Helleborus, has a beautiful flower and the colour of this one was so pretty, it simply had to be shown in all it's splendour, nice and close. I believe this flower is called a Christmas Rose in the northern hemisphere where it flowers at Christmas time.

A zip file with three sizes is available here.

I hope you enjoy looking at this flower as much as I do.


  1. What a stunning photo, Jeni -- I love it!


  2. Beautiful! I love the Touch of Class look. Do you all ever tell us admirers how you accomplish this?

  3. Carol

    Thanks for your kind comment. You are able to contact me via contactify on my blog and I'd definitely let you know how I did any of my desktops.

    This one I used Filters Unlimited > Photo Aging Kit > Cracked Pepper on a foreground/background gradient. I, then, added two layers to paint with grunge brushes, one layer a light colour and the other a darker one. The photo has been cropped and tubed to show it off better.

    You are always welcome to join our group, the link is on all of our blogs. That way, if there is something you like, you can ask us how to do it.

    Hope this helps.




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