Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The beautiful Papango

Kia ora

It has been a while. I've been doing other things lately and not able to be online that much. Things are changing and I'm now back.

I just found a desktop I'd done earlier and had forgotten about. I took this photograph of the small Black Teal, also known as Papango, who is seen in the Avon river and the lakes, at Hagley Park, in Christchurch.

Hagley Park is one of the best things about Christchurch, in my opinion. Close to the city, it is a beautiful large park where I love to go and smell the roses from time to time. I also love sitting watching the ducks and the various birds that abound in the trees and waterways in Hagley Park. A wonderful place to relax, whether picnicing [sp?] with friends or family, watching the model boats on Victoria Lake, playing tennis, golf, rugby or cricket, eating an icecream by the children's play area, taking a row along the Avon, or just wandering through on the way to work, Hagley Park is an ideal spot so close to the CBD. With the Canterbury Museum adjacent and the Arts Centre with markets and lovely cafés just across the road from the park, it is the perfect weekend hang out for all ages.

I often head down to the park just to enjoy the colour of the floral displays in all seasons although it is the varied birdlife that always seems to draw me in.

This desktop is available in a zip with three sizes here.

Thank you for downloading my desktop.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jeni,

    Great to see you back -- I had missed you, always checking your blog for new entries. :)

    Thanks for sharing your impressions of Hagley Park -- you made me wanting to visit that park one fine day. The photo of the duck is precious -- great desktop!

    Greetings from Munich,



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