Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blue sky days

Kia ora

Whilst the whole of New Zealand has been suffering with over-abundant rain and some flooding, we, down south, have enjoyed some sunshine.

Above are a few images of some beautiful scenery taken last Saturday on a day out in the Catlins...where there was cloud and some rain, and a lot of blue sky. I'd gone out with the intention of taking a few tree images for desktops, mainly because the creators in our Touch of Class group are creating desktop wallpapers featuring trees this month.

A composition of four images, in the left image, is a couple of trees lounging in the afternoon sun, beside that is one of our native pidgeons, a Kereru, sitting high in a tree, with one of our tree ferns, a punga, to the right of the image of the kereru. The image below the trees shows some cows enjoying the beautiful blue sky day.

Thanks for looking.

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