Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A Place in the Country

I found a lovely old house left to the elements on a trip out into the country recently. I thought the line of Macrocarpa trees standing behind the house, with lovely rolling hillside behind those trees gave the perfect backdrop to the old house.

Luscious fresh green of the paddocks contrast beautifully with the old dry weatherboards of the house and the rusted corrugated iron of the roof. The dry grasses in the foreground just finished the picture of the old and the new, off for me, perfectly.

Although the day turned out a beautiful day, it was a bit overcast at the time this photograph was taken.

You can find a zip file of three sizes here.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blue sky days

Kia ora

Whilst the whole of New Zealand has been suffering with over-abundant rain and some flooding, we, down south, have enjoyed some sunshine.

Above are a few images of some beautiful scenery taken last Saturday on a day out in the Catlins...where there was cloud and some rain, and a lot of blue sky. I'd gone out with the intention of taking a few tree images for desktops, mainly because the creators in our Touch of Class group are creating desktop wallpapers featuring trees this month.

A composition of four images, in the left image, is a couple of trees lounging in the afternoon sun, beside that is one of our native pidgeons, a Kereru, sitting high in a tree, with one of our tree ferns, a punga, to the right of the image of the kereru. The image below the trees shows some cows enjoying the beautiful blue sky day.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

A Fallen Tree Desktop

Kia ora

To set off my latest desktop, I have chosen Fallen Tree in Bolton Park, Yorkshire, one of a set of bookplates from Eidodendron, Views of the general Character and Appearance of Trees, foreign and indigenous connected with Picturesque Scenery, 1827 by Henry William Burgess, of London, England. H.W. Burgess had spent some years as landscape painter to William IV of England, from 1826, a year before Eidodendron was published.

The illustrations are now in the public domain.

Information about Burgess can be found here and here.

I hope you like this rather dark desktop, I tried to do something a little bit different and used a brush by Ginny Hopping from Bunny's Attic as well as giving the desktop a more grungier feel.

You will find a zip file of three different sizes here.



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